Noisemaker Crafts for New Years Eve!

New Years Eve Crafts for Kids
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While there are oodles of New Years craft and decorating ideas over at Red Ted Art, we were especially drawn to the various noisemaker crafts Maggy featured in her, 30 New Years Eve Crafts & Activities for Kids, post last month! What child doesn't like to make noise?! While store-bought noisemakers would work just fine, there's just something about involving the kiddos in the crafting process and, of course, the finished products are perfect for helping your family herald in the new year! The best part is the featured crafts require little to no preparation, making use of recycled materials from around the house and supplies scrounged up from your craft closet. The New Years Eve holiday can seem to stretch on, especially for younger children, and having one of these fun crafts to work on is sure to help pass the time!

For the noisemaker craft features and lots of other great activities to do with your kiddos this New Years Eve, be sure to visit Red Ted Art!