Mystery Crayon Rubbings: Can You Guess the Object?

Preschool and Kindergarten Guess the Object Game
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Jean, mother and creator of the blog, The Artful Parent, designed this fun crayon rubbing mystery game that would be perfect for use during craft time {to make a vibrant mural!}, as a transition between activities, or even as an exercise before the morning bell rings. With it, your students will explore cause and effect relationships, as well as build observation and problem solving skills.

To complete the activity, Jean suggests taping a long sheet of easel paper to a flat surface, then selecting and securing items from around the classroom for students to explore – a coin, a dress-up necklace, a pair of craft scissors, a wooden craft clothespin, wooden alphabet blocks, natural elements {leaves, pinecones, etc.}, and any other small items you can think of! Tape a second sheet of paper over the first and set out paper cups full of 'unwrapped' crayons. As your students use the colorful wax to uncover each object, have them try to guess what it is. The great thing about this exercise is that it's super versatile, easy to set up, and offers numerous variations.

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