Mother's Day Round-up - World's BEST Mom Newspaper Feature!

Homemade Mother's Day Gift and Writing Lesson for Kids
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No surprise here - Martha Stewart has some fantastic handmade gift ideas for Mother's Day that we know your kiddos will have a blast with! From a personalized note book and bedazzled sleep mask to floral hair accessories and custom stationary, we know you'll be able to find somthing that fits the age and skill of your kids/students! You'll have to visit the full showcase for ideas and tutorials, but here's a sneak peek at our favorite DIY Mother's Day gift for the classroom... 

Combination craft and writing exercise, have your kiddos fill out this cute Mother's Day newspaper! The top story of the day - who was named 2012's "World's Best Mom!" Students will have a blast filling in the feature story, describing why their mom is truly top notch, as well as drawing a picture of their family and creating a checklist of all the features that make their mother special!

For the FREE newspaper template download - and lots of other great homemade gift ideas - be sure to visit!