Montessori-Oriented Valentine’s Day Activity

Valentine's Day Pipe Cleaner Activity
Photo Source: Living Montessori Now

Looking for a way to incorporate Montessori-oriented activities into your classroom? Deb over at Living Montessori Now has put together an impressive assortment of ideas for you! We especially liked her idea on how to turn a typical Valentine's Day craft into a Montessori-oriented activity that can be easily repeated by your kiddos.

Montessori-Oriented Pipe Cleaner and Bead Activity

We are all familiar with the pipe cleaner and bead crafts for kids. But have you ever thought of taking this craft idea and turning it into an activity center for your classroom? Following the example provided by Deb, you will only need a few supplies to have it ready in no time!

Supplies Needed: Tray, Pipe cleaners, Beads in assorted Valentine's Day colors and Heart-shaped containers (the containers do not have to be heart-shaped if you have something else handy).
Valentine's Day Pipe Cleaner Activity Supplies
Photo Source: Living Montessori Now

Allow your students to spend time concentrating on threading the beads onto the pipe cleaners (if time allows they could put several together). This would also be a great time to have them work on their sorting skills, either by colors or by shapes (depending on the beads you've supplied)!