Masking Tape Scribbles

Skip elaborate preparation for craft time with this simple, yet fun art project. All you need is craft paper, your preferred graphic art supplies, and a roll of masking tape. Provide each student with a piece of blank paper and several strips of masking tape. Instruct them to place the strips haphazardly across the paper. Then, armed with colored pencils, washable markers, or Crayola crayons, invite your students to scribble all over the paper. Encourage them to experiment with thick and thin lines, wavy and straight doodles, even dots! Also, encourage them to mix coloring tools for a fun effect.

Once your students have created their 'masterpieces', invite them to peel off the masking tape to reveal a wonderfully cool effect. These projects make great wall decoration or hall displays with their vibrant colors and unique results.

Scribble Dabble | Primary Art | Art Projects for Kids | Bright Ring Publishing

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