Making Prints with Cut Straws: Perfect for Spring & Memorial Day!

Preschool and Kindergarten Print Making Kids Craft
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We found this fantastic print-making tutorial at Putti Prapancha using cut drinking straws and thought it would be a perfect spring or memorial day project!

Supplies You'll Need

Use the cut straws {of various sizes} to create stars in the night sky, flower petals, the center of a flower, or even patriotic 'fireworks' for Memorial Day! Explore the effect of swirling/twirling the straw, layering the different size straw prints, and using the prints to create new objects - furry aliens, the face of a shaggy dog or cat {or lion!}, pom poms for a cheerleader, etc.

Here's an example of an alien and lion...

Print Making Kids Craft

Be sure to visit Putti Prapancha for directions on how to cut the straws and for more great pictures!

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