Making Fall Prints with Painter's Tape

Most preschoolers haven't mastered drawing complex shapes or objects so when it comes to art projects, in most cases, the simpler the better. Allie of No Time for Flash Cards has found a great way to incorporate both simple and complex art tasks. She uses the example of a fall tree, but this can be tailored to meet any season, occasion, lesson, or unit!

Supplies You'll Need
- Canvas
- Round sponge paint brush
- Craft paint
- Blue painter's tape Begin the activity by 'taping off' the the shape of the desired print. In Allie's example she used the tape to create a fall tree including its trunk, branches, and leaves (both on the tree and falling to the ground). For a fall themed project you could also try a simple leaf print, a pumpkin, or even a scarecrow. Whatever you decide, make sure you press hard when applying the tape to the canvas so that paint doesn't have a chance to seep under it.

Set out several shallow dishes filled with craft paint in assorted fall colors including green, yellow, orange, red, and brown. Invite your students to dip their round sponge brushes into the paint, then lightly press it to the canvas. Invite them to practice blending or even patterning as they fill the space around the painters tape. When finished, set them aside to dry. Then, when you're sure the paint has set, pull the painters tape off to reveal a neat fall print!

Fall Tree Paint Project | No Time For Flash Cards

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