Making Beautiful Music, DIY Style!

Homemade Musical Instrument Kids Crafts
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Getting ready for a birthday or end-of-the-year classroom party? Looking for some new items to place in the toy closet or add to the pretend play area? We ran across these adorable recycled instruments over at The Crafting Chicks and thought we had to share Jaime's awesome designs. They're simple, but really pop! {Don't you agree?!}

Supplies You'll Need

After gathering your supplies, head on over to The Crafting Chicks to see how Jaime made these adorable instruments!

What we love...

  • The theme. Patterned scrapbook paper allows you to tailor the 'theme' of the instruments to fit what you're studying - the safari, dinosaurs, construction, Independence Day, you name it! If you wanted to, you could change the themed for each unit! {We just adore the zebra print Jamie chose!}
  • The materials. No need to go to the store, you can find everything you need for these projects in the recycling bin and around your house.
  • The versatility. Whether you set them out for play time or gather the classroom set to use during circle or music time, these instruments are sure to see a lot of use! The initial time spent creating a classroom set of instruments will be well worth it!


  • Add to the band. Jamie provides instructions for creating shakers and drums, consider adding paper towel roll rain sticks, tissue box guitars, and other themed instruments for your kiddos to explore! You might even include a few microphones for your little "rock stars" to use when performing!
  • Adapt the instruments to provide variety. For the shakers, add an assortment of dried materials to create different sounds - colored sand, rice, dried beans, dried pasta, etc. For the drums, consider how different sized containers affect the sound of the drum - tall, short, wide, narrow, etc. Not only do these variations provide more fun during play, they also provide more opportunities for learning and discovery!

Every classroom should have a set of musical instruments for kids to explore. Be sure to check out Jaime's full post at The Crafting Chicks and get to making beautiful music!

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