Magic - Easter - Egg Crayon Resist

tie dye spring easter egg craft
Photo Source: Classifed: Mom

Whether you're getting your Easter crafts together for next month or looking for a fun way to teach your students about spring and new life, this beautiful egg crayon resist craft from Aimee at Classified: Mom is sure to provide your students with a new sensory art experience and produce darling classroom decorations for the season! {Oh, and your students will also strengthen fine motor skills along the way!}

Supplies You'll Need

Have students trace and cut a large egg cutout from their piece of white craft or watercolor paper. With white crayons, have students decorate the cutout with a fun message, lines, dots, squiggles, doodles, etc. These images will, of course, be 'undetectable' to the naked eye.

This is where the 'magic' comes in. Covering the desk with wax paper {to protect it and collect extra water}, invite your students to take turns using the food coloring vials to place dots of color on their egg. When satisfied with the assortment and placement of color, have them take turns spritzing their eggs with water. Not only will they be amazed at how the colors swirl and bleed throughout the paper, they'll be delighted to find that their secret message, doodle, or design is now visible! Considerations

  • Have students create the same craft, but on a smaller scale, using coffee filters. Invite them to create several different eggs {it might be fun to throw in a lesson on color theory; asking students to find and create an egg using the right mixture of primary colors to create a certain secondary color or inviting students to create "cool" or "warm" color eggs}. These eggs can then be strung together to create a festive spring garland or bulletin board border! You could also add them to a larger picture of an Easter basket {with fun Easter grass accents!} or egg carton.
  • Substitute liquid water colors for food coloring. Invite your students to observe any differences {if any!} in the resulting eggs.
  • Create a fun learning game, scripting sight words {or whatever you're currently learning!} onto the paper with white crayon. As the student 'uncovers' the word, have them identify and trace it with a marker! This process can work for any subject or lesson. Or, you might also consider completing the exercise 'just for fun' - having students write secret messages back and forth, building fine motor skills, providing printing practice, and strengthening reading skills as they play!

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