Lucky Chinese Fingerpaint - Sensory Play & Learning Activity

Want to incorporate some fun sensory play and learning into your lesson plans, but aren't excited the mess that goes along with many sensory experiences? Fingerpaint bags offer a great solution! Students will love smooshing, smearing, and squishing the paint around - and you'll love that clean-up is a snap!

Since we're working through some Chinese New Year lessons, we decided to create some 'lucky Chinese fingerpaint' for our paint bags!

Here's how we made it;

  • Hair gel
  • Red food coloring
  • Gold and red glitter
  • Craft star sequins

Taped shut, then taped to a flat surface (tables are always great, but you might explore how the experience differs when taping the bag to a window!), your kiddos will have a blast using their fingertips, q-tips, and other soft utensils to draw doodles and shapes, practice writing letters and sight words, etc.