Lovely Lively Ladybugs - Crafts, Science, & More!

Spring or Summer Science Insect Exploration Activity
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If you're planning to study ladybugs in your classroom this spring, here are a few ideas, tips, and tricks of the trade we found at Everything Ladybug and Crafts by Amanda!

We're Going On a Ladybug Hunt

Armed with magnifying glasses, small petri dishes, and science journals, invite your kiddos to join you for a ladybug adventure in the school yard. Tour the flower beds, tree lines, and other places where there is an abundance of foilage in search for these spotted creatures. Invite your students to carefully corral the insect into their petri dish, use the magnifying glass to observe its design and movements up close, then draw and write about their observations in their science journal.

Classroom Exploration

If you're unsure of your student's ability to safely complete the outdoor exercise, consider collecting a sample to bring into the classroom {and, of course, to let go at the end of the day}. Try using Amanda Formaro's recycled ladybug jar as an indoor habitat for your lovely lively ladybug guests. The only alteration it will need are a few holes around the jar {to allow air flow} and some natural elements like grass, small twigs, and leaves. Divide students into small groups for exploration, providing a ladybug jar to each, and invite them to observe and draw the insects inside the jar. Because you don't want tons of ladybugs loose in the classroom, supplement the lesson with various pictures and diagrams of the insect.

[NOTE: For various methods of capturing ladybugs, be sure to visit Everything Ladybug! They offer several suggestions and tips that will make the endeavor a bit easier!]