Literature, Laughs, & Leprechaun Tricks

Clever Tom and the Leprechaun book cover
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Top o' the mornin' to ye! If you're looking for fun lesson ideas for St. Patrick's Day, second grade teacher Mrs. Dicken's knows just how to celebrate - lots of good books, a little adventure, and an elusive {trickster!} leprechaun, who goes by the name Lucky! We found this awesome thematic unit at TeacherShare {a resource from Scholastic} and just had to share!

Leprechaun Thematic Unit

Lucky Leprechaun is on the loose and doing what he does best - playing tricks! Of course, he's a sly fellow {with years of practice!}, so he won't be easy to catch, but Mrs. Dicken has put her best detectives on the job. Armed with recycled shoe boxes, craft embellishments, duct tape, aluminum foil, 'bait', and anything else they can think of, students will work all week to create the perfect leprechaun trap! Meanwhile, Lucky is up to no good:

  • Monday students will find that Lucky has turned all of their chairs backwards. Paired with Lorna's Balian's Leprechauns Never Lie, your kindergartners will begin to understand just how tricky leprechauns can be!
  • On Tuesday, students will arrive to discover that their pesky little friend has messed with their name plates, putting them {upside down!} on different desks!
  • Wednesday brings 'inside-out desks' - where Lucky takes everything from inside the desk and places it on top. Linda Shute's Clever Tom & the Leprechaun gets the literature spotlight and, along with how clever they are, students learn for the first time that leprechauns can be trapped!
  • On Thursday, Lucky strikes again - scattering desks and turning the classroom posters upside down. After a reading of Jana Dillon's Lucky 'O Leprechaun, where two children and their grand aunts devise a plan to catch a leprechaun {and are successful!}, students will make their own traps to set before leaving school that afternoon.
  • Friday, Lucky brings a magical surprise! Children will walk in to find Lucky's "pot o' gold" and a sample of Lucky's Magical Powder in the center of the classroom. After a reading of Pamela Duncan Edwards' The Leprechaun's Gold, where students learn a priceless lesson about generosity and humility, invite students to enjoy the treats their little classroom leprechaun has brought to share.

For fantastic ideas on 'capturing' Lucky, a recipe for Lucky's Magical Powder, several writing exercises to inspire student creativity, and various St. Patty's Day themed activities {that cross multiple subjects!}, be sure to visit Mrs. Dicken's full lesson post at TeacherShare!