Kindergarten Art: Practicing Thick and Thin Lines

Thick & Thin Watercolor Trees

Kathy Barbro has provided a wonderful art lesson to reinforce color mixing while teaching kindergartners about the use of thick and thin lines within nature and art.

Supplies You'll Need - Watercolor pad of paper - Watercolor paints - Yellow crayon - Black tempera paint - Kids paint brushes - Paper towel

On a blank piece of watercolor paper, have your students draw a sun at the top with yellow crayon. Since they'll be painting over top, encourage them to press hard so that the sun will show up. Using water color paints, have them create overlapping bands of color that cover the page. When complete, instruct your students to press a piece of paper towel to the surface of the paper to soak up any excess water and paint.

With black tempera paint, demonstrate how to paint a horizon and then the delicate balance between the thick tree trunks and their thin tapered branches. As Barbro says, they may not be as 'light-handed' as older children, but this is certainly a start to understanding the opposites!

Art Projects for Kids: Thick and Thin Trees

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