Johnny Appleseed Day - Creating 'Pot' Hats!

Back To School, Fall, and Johnny Appleseed Craft for Kids
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You want your little learners to look the part for Johnny Appleseed Day, right?! Check out this super adorable pot hat craft we found over at Musings of Me. It's quite simple to construct {i.e. it won't matter much if it gets damaged during the day's activities} and we know your students will have a great time pretending to be the legendary John Chapman!

An extension...

While you might simply invite your kiddos to craft, we thought it would be fun to add an extra learning component! Create a key, assigning a number to each piece of the hat, then divide your students into small groups and provide each group with a game die. Have them use the die and key to play "Roll A Pot Hat" {i.e. roll the die, identify the number rolled, and check the key/collect the hat piece with the corresponding number}. This is great for numeral recognition, counting, or even practicing addition/subtraction. Once the player has collected all of the parts, provide them with glue and let them get to crafting!

For the craft instructions, be sure to visit Musings of Me!

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