Jellyfish: Egg Carton Sea Creatures Series

Pining for the ocean? Give your students this beach-worthy jellyfish craft to work on from Sherri Osborn at!

Supplies You'll Need
- Egg carton
- Green craft paint
- Kids paint brush
- Craft scissors
- Green art yarn
- Craft glue
- Ruler

To make the craft flow more smoothly, cut the egg 'cups' from the carton ahead of time, using scissors to create a smooth, round edge around each individual cup. Then, providing your students with a paint brush, shallow dish of green paint, and an egg carton cup, have them paint it green and set it aside to dry. After they've accomplished this, invite your students to use a ruler to measure out six to eight 8-inch pieces of yarn for their jellyfish tentacles. Have them place a line of craft glue around the inside edge of the cup and attach the tentacles (remind them about even spacing). Glue on some wiggle eyes and, once everything has dried, you're set!

Egg Carton Jellyfish - Free Arts and Crafts for Kids

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