Inches Of Fun

Jacqueline, Kids Artists blogger, has provided a creative art lesson that is fun, as well as, educational. This project, called an inchie, is best accomplished with a theme in mind. Using a specific color scheme, decorating squares with items having a similar purpose or shape, and creating each square to illustrate a different part of a concept being learned are all great themes to use. For younger children who may not be able to participate in making their own, these inchies can provide wonderful educational tools. By decorating with squares of carpet, faux fur, bubble wrap, woven fabric, etc. your students can explore different textures. Incorporating working buttons, zippers, snaps, clasps, etc. into the artwork, your students can strengthen their fine motor skills as they experiment opening and closing these fasteners.

For older students, as mentioned, inchies are a wonderful way of depicting concepts being studied. For example, when learning about life cycles, design a project around butterflies. Invite your students to use an assortment of materials including beads, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), foam cutouts, etc. to decorate individual squares that show butterfly eggs, caterpillars, what caterpillars eat, a butterfly cocoon, etc. These educational works of art can be used to supplement learned concepts while also brightening up the classroom.

Kids Artists: Inchies

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