Hungry Frogs - Counting & Literacy Games for Leap Day!

Leap Day Math and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
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We found this cute frog craft over at and it got us to thinking - this concept could be used to make cute center activities for Leap Day! Here are a few thoughts...

  • {Hungry Frogs} Counting. Place a numeral label onto each frog yogurt cup, provide students with a small bin of brown craft pom poms or pony beads, and have students "feed" each frog the appropriate number of "flies". This would be great for counting practice and strengthening numeral recognition! 
  • {Hungry Frogs} Beginning Letter Sounds. Script a different focus letter onto each frog cup and create fly object cards {like the example below}.
    Frog Themed Leap Day Literacy Game Preschool Lesson Plan
    Beginning letter sounds, Vv (violin & vase)
    Tell your children that the frogs are on a special diet and can only eat the flies with the objects that share the same beginning letter sound! This same concept can be tailored to help students explore rhyming pairs, word families, etc.
  • {Hungry Frogs} Positional Words. Have students use the frog cup and a brown pony bead "fly" to explore positional words...
    • The fly is beside the frog.
    • The fly is behind the frog.
    • The fly is in the frog.
    • The fly is under the frog.
    • The fly is on the frog.
    • And so on!

Matching. Sorting. Ordering. Let your imagination go - we know these cutesy crafts can make a big impact in your learning centers this Leap Day! Be sure to visit for the full tutorial!