Homemade - Greetings From The Writing Center!

Homemade Writing Center Paper for Preschool
Photo Source: paintcutpaste.com

Constantly refilling the writing center with specialty papers and cards for your kiddos to use when writing letters, etc. can get rather expensive. We stumbled across this great idea from Jen at paint cut paste and thought we'd pass it along! Next time you need to restock, consider using your students' fabulous artwork to create homemade cards...

Simply set out pieces of card stock {white or in various colors} that can be cut and folded into greeting cards, along with stencils, special scrapbook scissors, shaped paper punches, etc. and a selection of your students' artwork. Invite your kiddos to use the fun stencils, scissors, and punches to decorate greeting cards with their colorful creations. Encourage them to explore different shapes, layering effects, etc. as they design fancy paper for their prose. All that's left to do is the letter writing!

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