Homemade Binoculars

Equip your children for an adventure around the house or schoolyard with these toilet paper roll binoculars! Posted by Merryn at Crafty-Crafted.com, this project is perfect for encouraging pretend play at home and school.

Supplies You'll Need
- 2 empty toilet paper rolls
- Black tempera paint
- Aluminum foil
- School craft glue
- Spring clothespin
- Black heavyweight construction paper
- Black cord or yarn
- Colored cellophane (optional) Begin by painting both toilet paper rolls black. Once dry, cut two small squares of cellophane and wrap one end of each tube (optional). Next, secure a strip of aluminum foil to the end of each tube. If you've chosen to use cellophane, this will not only provide a decorative piece but will cover the unsightly edges. After these pieces have had time to adhere, use craft glue to secure the tubes together. Fix a spring clothespin on each end to keep the rolls together and set aside to dry.

Once dry, cut a two-inch think strip of heavyweight construction paper, wrap it securely around both tubes, then cut and glue the ends together. Use a single hole punch to put holes in the upper outside edge of both toilet paper rolls, cut a piece of string or cord, and tie the ends to the holes to make a strap. Now it's time to explore and spy!

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