Help Students Review Shapes With This Fun Fall Scarecrow Craft!

Photo Source: Flickr | Cybaea

Fall is officially here and what better way to herald in the new season than with scarecrows! Allie, mother and creator of the blog No Time For Flash Cards, provides directions for a simple craft that will help your students review their shapes and get you in the mood for autumn!

Supplies You'll Need

Begin by creating a scarecrow template. You'll need:

- 1 large rectangle for the body - 1 large circle for the head - 1 large triangle for the hat - 2 medium rectangles for the arms - 3 small circles for the buttons - 1 small triangle for the nose - Lots of small (long, skinny) rectangles for the hair

Create a template for each group of four students (they'll learn valuable social skills as they share and take turns using each item). Provide them with construction paper and a project recipe card (i.e. list the items and the number of each item they'll need to create; for example, draw a large green rectangle and list a "1" beside it, draw a large tan circle and list a "1" beside it, etc.).

As students trace and cut out each shape, they'll be strengthening fine motor skills, as they follow the recipe card, students will be learning how to follow directions, and as they create their own scarecrow, they'll review the shapes they've learned throughout the year!

Allie also suggests several shape books to read when doing this lesson so be sure to check out her full blog post!

Shape Scarecrow Craft | No Time For Flash Cards