Hand Print Calendar: July

homemade july calendar page with hand print flag and flag poem

{Looking for a fun way to review the days of the week and months of the year? Try this hand print calendar! Students are sure to love the “hands on” artwork as well as the special poem for each month. If completed before the holidays, this makes a spectacular (and functional!) Christmas gift for mom and dad!}


Every fourth of July we celebrate the birth of our country and those that have fought for our freedom. What better way to recognize the month than with a patriotic hand print flag and poem!

Supplies You'll Need

How To Make A Hand Print Flag

hand print flag and fourth of july poem

Help your students paint a blue square on their palm and their four fingers with alternating red and white craft paint.

hand painted with red, while and blue tempera paint

Invite them to press their hand firmly to the piece of blue construction paper - fingers pointed to the side of the paper.

hand print flag on blue construction paper

When the paint has dried, have students embellish the blue part of the flag with mini craft stars.

hand print flag with silver stars

The Poem

A Flag For Me and You

  • Red, white, and blue,
  • Red, white, and blue,
  • A flag for me,
  • A flag for you.
  • It is the flag of our great nation,
  • It's honored by each generation.
  • Join me now in celebration,
  • Red, white, and blue.

Add the poem to the blue construction paper and have your students add it to their calendar artwork!