Gorgeous DIY Butterfly Feeder

Spring DIY Butterfly Feeder Craft for Kids
Photo Source: carolynshomework.blogspot.com

Along with bird watching {or perhaps in lieu of}, you might consider adding a bit of butterfly watching to your spring plans as well! Check out this fabulous tutorial for creating your own butterfly feeder shared by Carolyn of Homework! Vibrantly colored and filled with scrumptious sugar water - a tasty treat for your colorful winged friends - you're ready to find the perfect spot!

Hanging Your Feeder

Pick a spot that is nice and sunny, as well as protected from the wind. While you don't want to hang the feeder too high - the whole point is for your kiddos to be able to enjoy and observe the butterflies your feeder attracts - you'll want to hang your feeder 4+ feet off the ground. Find a tree it can be safely tied to or perhaps bring a decorative plant hook that can be anchored into the ground for your feeder to hang from.

Schedule routine 'check-ups', perhaps that time of day when your kiddos get restless, and stretch your legs a bit as you observe nature!

For the full tutorial, be sure to visit Homework!