Goo Goo for You Goggles

valentine's day heart goggle craft
Photo Source: 4 Crazy Kings

Valentine's Day will be a hoot with these adorable "goo goo for you" goggles designed by the creator of 4 Crazy Kings!

Supplies You'll Need

Begin by having your students use watercolor paints in Valentine's Day colors (red, pink, and purple) and brushes to 'marble' their pieces of card stock. Help them measure and cut a 4" x 6" portion of the paper (once dried), fold it in half, and draw a large circle on the folded paper. Cut out the circle - making sure to leave the crease intact - then unfold the paper and hold it up to the child's head in order to measure where the eye holes should go. Once marked, refold the paper and use the heart paper punch to create eye holes in the glasses, making sure to keep the heart cutouts for later!

Measure and cut ear pieces from the remaining card stock, as well as any other desired cutouts (i.e. star and heart shapes). Have students decorate the front of the goggles with the cutouts, glitter, and chenille stem shape pop-outs. Lastly, attach the ear pieces, making sure to measure the fit for each child. Once dry, your students will have a ball playing with their "goo goo for you" goggles!

4 Crazy Kings: G is for Goo Goo Goggles (& Gotcha Day!)

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