Glow in the Dark Star Jars

Perfect for your space unit or some rainy day fun, these glow in the dark star jars are simple to create and, most importantly, fun to play with! So gather up your old mason jars {or recycled spaghetti sauce containers} and get set for some glow in the dark fun!

Summer Space Kids Craft and Activity
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We found the first tutorial at Kristy.Makes which calls for glow in the dark paint in various colors and small bristled kids paint brushes to complete the project. The goal is to splatter the various colors of paint on the inside walls of the jar, let dry, then turn off the lights for a fun "starlit night" effect. Didn't they turn out fantastic?! {We love how Kristy's son turned his project into a lantern! It's not always the product, but the process!}

Summer Space Kids Activity and Craft
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The second tutorial, found at Almost Unschoolers, requires a little less mess! Simply add water and plastic glow in the dark stars to your mason jar, glue on the lid, then turn out the lights and experiment with making the stars move as you shake, roll, turn, and twist the jar. {We love how they played 'hide and seek' with the stars, watching them float to the top and 'disappear' under the lid!}

Other Considerations...

If you're handy with a paint brush, you might think about...

  • Using the glow in the dark paint to create the actual shapes of various constellations on the inside of the jar for your kiddos to study and identify.
  • Create a replica of the solar system, attaching a yellow foam ball to the lid that will hang down in the center of the jar as the "sun", then use the glow in the dark paint to paint the orbiting "planets" on the inside of the jar. [NOTE: Warning. This might take a bit of skill and finesse!] If you can find glow in the dark stickers of the planets, you could Mod Podge them to the inside of the jar and {hopefully!} save a bit of work!
  • Paint mini fireflies on the inside of the jar with the glow in the dark paint and use the container to catch lightning bugs on a summer night.

Whether you attempt one of the extensions or use the jars as they are, this is sure to be a project your kiddos will never forget!