George Washington-Themed Activities for President's Day

President's Day Craft for Kids
Photo Source: Eberhart's Explorers

With President's Day drawing near, we've been looking for simple ways for our readers to incorporate the holiday into their lessons. Erin over at Eberhart's Explorers featured a few ideas that are sure to get your kiddos excited! And even better, her ideas are focused on George Washington, one of our most influential presidents.

George Washington Craft

Materials you will need to get started:

Red, Blue, Yellow and Tan construction paper

Cotton balls

Paper doilies

Wiggle eyes

Red and orange crayons



Step 1: You will need to trace the hat and body onto blue construction paper and the hat band and star onto yellow color construction paper for each student (you will also need a circle traced onto tan construction paper). You should be able to easily find a clip art image online to trace the hat (and if your drawing skills are anything like mine, the star too :) ).

Make sure each child has one of each piece, along with a paper doily that has been precut into a triangle, several cotton balls and a set of wiggle eyes.

Step 2: Walk your kiddos through completing their portrait. Have them start by cutting out all of their pieces. Then, glue on the body, head and blue hat piece, followed by the yellow hat 'accessories.' Next, have students glue on their wiggle eyes and cotton balls to look like hair. And finally, complete the portrait by drawing in the mouth and nose and gluing on the doily!

Step 3: Hang the completed works of art around your class for a super cute President's Day display!

Classroom Display of George Washington Craft
Photo Source: Eberhart's Explorers

All About George Washington Activity

Have your students help you in completing a "Was/Had/Wanted" chart about our first president. Before you begin to brain-storm, read a book to your kiddos about George Washington and/or show a short video. Erin recommended showing a "Brain Pop" on George Washington. Also take a minute to talk about what it means to be a president!

Was/Had/Wanted Chart Featuring George Washington
Photo Source: Eberhart's Explorers

With your class chart completed, have your students complete their own "All About Mr. Washington" sheet. Ask them to draw a picture of our first president and then write down three fun facts about his life / presidency from the list you generated as a class.

President's Day Worksheet
Photo Source: Eberhart's Explorers

After you've finished your President's Day activities, be sure to spend some time browsing around Erin's site. She has an impressive assortment of ideas waiting for you!