Fun with Rainbows - Pony Bead Rainbows

{Rainbows are fun at any time of year, but they seem to be perfect for spring ~ perhaps as part of a weather unit or even as a fun transition from St. Patrick's Day festivities. There are so many fun and colorful projects floating around and we thought we'd pass some of them along for your inspiration folder or even as a compliment to your lesson plans!}

Spring Weather Rainbow Craft for Kids
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Here's a super cute and easy pony bead rainbow craft for your little ones that will have them working to recognize and sort materials by color, as well as build fine motor control as they 'string' the beads on the chenille stems! We found this fabulous activity over at Kaboose - it was designed by the über created Amanda Formaro! Supplies You'll Need

This is a perfect craft for little {or big!} hands! For the full craft tutorial, be sure to visit Kaboose. You might also check out Amanda's website - Crafts by Amanda - for more fabulous project ideas!

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