Fun with Rainbows - Colorful Plate Mobiles

Spring Weather Unit Rainbow Craft for Preschoolers and Kids
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{Rainbows are fun at any time of year, but they seem to be perfect for spring ~ perhaps as part of a weather unit or even as a fun transition from St. Patrick's Day festivities. There are so many fun and colorful projects floating around and we thought we'd pass some of them along for your inspiration folder or even as a compliment to your lesson plans!}

We know it shouldn't come as a surprise {because, well, she's amazing at what she does!}, but in compiling our list of favorite rainbow crafts, we realized that two of them were designed by Amanda Formaro, former craft contributor to Kaboose and creator of the site, Crafts by Amanda. How awesome are these rainbow mobiles?! We can just imagine them adorning the ceiling or windows of the classroom - adding a fun and vibrant decoration for spring!

Supplies You'll Need

We absolutely love the use of colorful streamers to complete the mobile, but you might also consider stringing rain drop cutouts or even jumbo cotton balls onto a piece of thread to add some variation or to go along with a weather unit.

For the full project tutorial, be sure to head on over to Kaboose. And as always, take some time to visit Crafts by Amanda - we know you'll find lots of inspiration for future projects!

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