Fun with Rainbows - Chenille Stem Sculptures

Spring Weather Rainbow Craft for Kids
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{Rainbows are fun at any time of year, but they seem to be perfect for spring ~ perhaps as part of a weather unit or even as a fun transition from St. Patrick's Day festivities. There are so many fun and colorful projects floating around and we thought we'd pass some of them along for your inspiration folder or even as a compliment to your lesson plans!}

Check out these awesome chenille stem sculptures from Alyson over at { Rocket Creek }! There's lots of creativity, fine motor coordination, and fun to be inspired by this project.

Supplies You'll Need

If you have old Styrofoam laying around, this can be a great way to get rid of it, but egg cartons work just as well and we love the added component - showing your kiddos how they can reuse/repurpose items for other projects! The bright rainbow colors and opportunity for your kiddos to express their creativity in a unique way make this a must-do project for spring!

For the full project details - lots of pictures and fun extension ideas - be sure to head on over to { Rocket Creek }!

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