Fun Crafts for Teaching the Alphabet

The alphabet is an integral part to every preschool and kindergarten curriculum. Make it fun with these awesome ABC crafts from Totally Tots! Here's a glimpse at Jolanthe's creative craft for the first letter of the alphabet which will definitely leave you wanting more!

A is for Alligator Supplies You'll Need: sheets of green WonderFoam® or construction paper, sheets of white WonderFoam® or construction paper, wiggle eyes, school glue, black marker.

Before beginning the craft:

  • Trace and cut an uppercase "A" from the sheets of green WonderFoam® or construction paper for each student completing the craft. From the scraps and extra sheets, cut small triangles, preparing two for each student.
  • From the white WonderFoam® sheets or construction paper cut small triangles. While a specific number isn't required, make sure you have at least five small triangles per student.

To assemble:

Invite students to turn their uppercase "A" onto its side to create the shape of an alligator opening its mouth to show its 'pearly whites'. Instruct your students to glue wiggle eyes to the two green triangles then secure these to the top of the "alligator". The white triangles will be used as teeth and should be glued to the inside of the alligator's "mouth".

Sneak Peek
- D is for Dinosaur
- J is for Jaguar
- P is for Penguin

Be sure to visit the site for the complete alphabet craft collection!

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