"Fraction Mania!" A Colorful Math Bulletin Board Idea

Photo Source: Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Check out this gorgeous fractions bulletin board created by Reagan over at Tunstall Times! This is a prime example of how classroom decor can be fun and educational! Not only does it display her kiddos hard work (always a plus), it also serves as a colorful concept review board!

We thought we'd highlight the activities used to create the board even though most of them are paid products! Who knows, they might spark your own creativity...


  • Gumball Machines & Pizzas. The colorful gumball machines and fraction pizza crafts come from Amy Lemons of Step Into Second Grade. Against the black background the crafts, they really pop! With the gumball machine, students assemble the machine, decorating it with colored circles, then analyze the 'gumballs' to find the parts of a whole. Similarly, with the fraction pizza, students craft a six-piece pizza and decorate it with toppings, then analyze the toppings - i.e. My pizza is 1/6 peppers, 3/6 pepperoni, etc.
  • Rainbow Fractions. Using colorful construction paper, students created a stunning visual representation of the parts of a whole!


You can find the links to the products at Reagan's blog, but here's a list of the activities.

  • Cut & Paste Fraction Sort. This activity was created by Lindsey of The Teacher Wife. Students are provided with a labeled table and invited to organize the different fraction types.
  • Shoe Fractions. Students analyze the shoes of the members of their group; first finding the total pairs of shoes and then determining how many tie, buckle, etc.
  • Name Fractions. Similar to the activity above, students analyze the names of the members of their group.
  • M&M Fractions. Students are provided with a mini pack of M&M candies and are invited to sort, record, and analyze the candies inside to determine the breakdown of colors in the package.

Fraction Mania Bulletin Board

Really, this board is pretty simple to assemble. All you need is black bulletin board paper, a colorful border, and colorful bulletin board letters. The rest of the decoration will come from your students' work!