Flag Day Fun

Patriotic Craft for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan

Happy Flag Day!

The American flag is an important symbol of our Nation's freedom, strength, and unity. While your preschoolers may not fully be able to understand all of the important history behind the flag, because it's so visible and well known, it offers a great jumping off point for discussing the birth of our nation, the brave men and women who fought (and continue to fight!) for our country's freedom, and a few fun facts about the National symbol they encounter every day at school, at sporting events, in their communities, etc.

A flag day lesson wouldn't be complete without creating one! Melissa over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree offers a great tutorial for creating a flag from a single sheet of paper - how cool is that?! How you decorate it though, is up to you and your kiddos. You might use art tissue paper or magazine cuttings to collage the flag shapes, employ the use of painters tape to create the stripe boundaries so that your kiddos can sponge paint the rest, or simply use markers and other graphic art tools to create the American flag.

While the craft is simple, it offers a great hands-on connection to the lesson you've prepared!