Fish: Egg Carton Sea Creatures Series

Pining for the ocean? Give your students this beach-worthy fish craft to work on from Sherri Osborn at!

Supplies You'll Need
- Egg carton
- Orange craft paint
- Kids paint brush
- Light blue Wonderfoam sheet
- Craft glue
- Wiggle eyes
- Orange pipe cleaner
- Kids craft scissors

As a preparation for the project, separate each of the egg 'cups' from the carton. Be sure to trim around the edges of each cup to create a smooth edge. Keep in mind that each child will need two cups to craft the fish so plan accordingly. Providing your students with two egg cups, a shallow dish of orange paint, and a paint brush, instruct your students to paint both cups and set them aside to dry. While the paint is setting, have your students use scissors to cut fins from the craft foam. For tentative students, you may wish to provide a card stock template for them to trace.

At this point, the paint should be almost dry so have your students glue the two egg cups together (edge to edge). If there is excess glue, have them smooth it with their finger. Again, set the fish 'body' aside to dry while you complete the next task.

Pass out an orange pipe cleaner to each group of six students. Have them take turns measuring and cutting two 1-inch pieces from the stem and pass it on to the next student. With all the accessories cut, you're ready to begin gluing. Have your students attach the fins to the body, attach the pipe cleaner 'lips', and glue on wiggle eyes.

Wonderful fishy friends that can be hung from the ceiling, attached to a bulletin board, or sent home for more ocean play!

Egg Carton Fish - Free Arts and Crafts for Kids

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