First Day of School Letter Activity

Back to School Preschool Craft and Lesson Plan Since you'll likely be spending the first days of preschool getting your new preschoolers acquainted with the classroom, with each other, and with you, we thought we'd pass along this simple, yet fun letter/name activity that would make an excellent addition to your back to school lesson plans! Not to mention, you can use the cutesy projects to create a colorful back to school display!

Here's the idea...

Provide each of your students with a large card stock cutout of the first letter of their name. Have them use a marker to divide the letter into different sections then, offering a variety of graphic art tools and other mixed media, invite your preschoolers to decorate their letter. They'll have a blast!

Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
Having issues changing it in Photoshop, but we like this title wording better...
"Our Letters Are Unique, Just Like We Are!"

Put on display along with identifying labels ( i.e. "K is for Kyleigh", "D is for David", etc.) - the homemade decorations are sure to create a homey feeling and we have a feeling your new preschoolers will love seeing their work hanging in the classroom! Here's a display example and you can always find more design ideas at!