Fingerprint Chicks in a Nest Craft

Easter and Spring Craft for Kids
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How utterly adorable is this fingerprint chicks in a nest craft?! Pinned on Pinterest by One Savvy Mom!, we're certain that, with the mixture of textures and materials, your kiddos will have a blast creating these colorful spring projects! [Please Note: We couldn't find the original creator of the craft! If it's you or if you know who designed it, please let me know! I want to give proper credit for this fantastic project!]

Supplies You'll Need

First, have students create a nest from torn strips of the brown crepe paper streamers, adding real twigs for a more 'authentic' look. Once the nest is secure, they can fill it with chicks! Simply invite your kiddos to place finger/thumb prints above the nest - as many as they like - and set the project aside to dry. While the paint/ink dries, arm your students with a pair of craft scissors and scrap of orange craft paper, instructing them to cut small triangle beaks. Finally, when their finger/thumb prints have dried, have them glue the beaks onto their chicks and use an ultra fine black permanent marker {or pen!} to add eyes. The result is simply adorable!

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