Fancy Newspaper Hats!

Preschool and Kindergarten Pretend Play Newspaper Hat Craft
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If you have stacks of old newspapers lying around, consider creating these adorable hats from Barbra at The Honorable Mention! They're the perfect addition to your pretend play corner, serve as an adorable dress up item for a “Mother's Day/spring crafting party” {or parade!}, and provide a fantastic, hands on recycling exercise for your kiddos!

Flowers, ribbons, and glittery embellishments are sure to be a hit, but consider providing several other {more masculine} options for your students to choose from.

  • Create pirate/adventurer's hats with large plumed feathers {like Captain Hook in Peter Pan}, leather/velvet patches, wide brims, gold cording, etc.
  • Create fire hats with shiny foil logos, red paint, and an unfolded, square cut back edge.
  • Create police hats with a shiny foil logo, gold cording, and an unfolded, round front brim.

The possibilities are endless! Be sure to head on over to The Honorable Mention for more pictures and directions!

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