Fall Tree Craft for Kids!

Kids Craft for Fall
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What parent doesn't love adorning their refrigerator and countertop with cute seasonal decorations their little one put together?? Create an adorable fall tree with your kiddos this Autumn - a perfect decoration to send home! This fall tree craft idea featured by Carisa at 1+1+1=1 is geared toward Preschoolers, but with a little teacher assistance you could even complete it with a Toddler classroom.

Fall Tree Craft

A few weeks before you're going to complete this craft, ask your students to bring in paper towel rolls.

Supplies Needed:

Paper Towel Rolls

Brown Paint

Paint Brushes

White Card Stock

Fall Leaves & Embellishments




Start the project off by having your kiddos paint their paper towel roll brown.

Kids Craft for Fall, Step 1 Painting
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While you allow time for the tree trunk to dry, have students decorate their white card stock to look like the ground. They can draw on leaves and grass and even glue on a few fall embellishments (acorns, apples, etc). Small fall embellishments should be easy to find at your local dollar or big box store this time of year.

Provide little ones with dot markers for this part of the project!
Kids Craft for Fall, Step 2 Decorating
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Once the tree trunk is dry, cut four slits into the bottom and glue the trunk down to the middle of the decorated card stock. Then cut longer slits into the top of the trunk, fold out to look like branches and have your kiddos glue on their leaves. For the leaves you could pick up a package of thin fall colored leaves at your local dollar store or you could provide your kiddos with fall colored tissue paper.

Kids Craft for Fall, Step 3 Gluing
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In the end you have a super cute Fall decoration!

Kids Craft for Fall Completed
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Carisa's blog 1+1+1=1 is one of our favorite spots for finding early childhood ideas! You'll definitely want to check it out soon!