Fall Science - What's Inside a Pumpkin?


Fall and Autumn Pumpkin Science and Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.allkidsnetwork.com

Happy Fall!

We've been drooling over all the fun apple, pumpkin, and fall leaf craftivities on Pinterest and are super excited to share this fun science lesson we found over at All Kids Network! Using yarn and real pumpkin seeds, students can recreate what the inside of a pumpkin looks like!

Activity suggestions...

  • Pair this craftivity with a hands-on exploration of an actual pumpkin, allowing students to feel the slimy, stringy innards
  • Bring in some toasted/roasted pumpkin seeds and/or a pumpkin treat - inviting students to taste test
  • Combine the science exploration with a lesson on adjectives, inviting your students to describe how the pumpkin looks, smells, feels, and tastes

Of course, the craftivity works great on its own too! Be sure to visit All Kids Network for a project template and the tutorial!