Fall Science - Labeling the Parts of a Pumpkin

Fall Pumpking Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com

Yesterday we posted a great hands-on fall science lesson that had your kiddos exploring the inside of a pumpkin and we think this fun craftivity from April over at Chalk Talk would offer a fantastic extension! After seeing, touching, describing, and perhaps even tasting the pumpkin innards, have your students work to label all the parts of the pumpkin - inside and out!

Create a pumpkin anchor chart, working as a class to label the different parts. Stem, skin, flesh, pulp, and seeds. To review, invite your kiddos to draw and label a pumpkin in their science journal or complete the fun craftivity April and her kiddos created!

This adorable labeling activity is just one of the many fall lesson ideas April features at her blog, so be sure to visit for lots of fall fun!

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