Fall Fun with Indian Corn!

Fall Indian Corn Art for Kids
Photo Source: amy-fun4kids.blogspot.com

We found Amy's blog, Fun4Kids, through Pinterest and just loved her Indian corn craft ideas for fall! All of the projects are great for strengthening fine motor control and hand muscles, and the finished crafts are super colorful and perfect for the season!

  • Corn Printing. A great way to explore this fall staple, Amy cut uncooked corn on the cob into small pieces and invited her kiddos to dip the pieces into fall colored craft paint, then roll them around on their art paper to create colorful corn prints!
  • Q-Tip Corn Prints. Providing her kiddos with black and white corn coloring pages, small dishes of fall colored craft paint, and q-tips, Amy invited her kiddos to dot paint the coloring page to look like Indian corn!
  • Hole Punch Corn. Armed with the same black and white corn coloring page, Amy had her kiddos use a single paper punch to create small circle cutouts from fall colored sheets of construction paper, dab a dot of glue onto the coloring page with a q-tip, and cover the 'kernel' with a colored circle.

We love the different art mediums used and think your little crafters will have a blast exploring these fall projects!