Fall ABC Book

Fall Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: parents.com

We love this idea from Parents.com - create seasonal alphabet books! Perfect for building beginning letter sound awareness, vocabulary, and letter recognition, the finished products are durable and make fabulous keepsakes that your preschoolers can read over and over!

Supplies You'll Need

Simply invite your kiddos to brainstorm a list of fall words - one for each letter of the alphabet!

  • A is for Autumn
  • B is for Bat
  • C is for Costumes
  • Et cetera

Then, working from the list, have your preschoolers decorate index cards using the letter stickers, clip art image/magazine clippings, and the colorful paper. Once students have at least one card for each letter, use the paper punch to put a hole in the top corner of both the cards and alphabet guides/dividers and tie them together with a piece of yarn. Decorate the front of the book, adding a title and the student's name, and your kiddos will have a delightful {and festive!} way to review their ABCs!

Check out the full project post at Parents.com!