Fabulous Kid Created Alphabet Banner

Alphabet Classroom ABC Bulletin Board idea
Photo Source: Sonja Photography

No, this isn't a bulletin board, but it would make an adorable classroom border/display and a fabulous project for your kiddos to help you with! We found the idea on Pinterest - the photo collage/idea can be credited to Sonja Photography - and just had to post it! All you need is a little time, a digital camera, and some willing kiddos to help you create!

[NOTE: If you're going to do all the work anyway, these prints can be used for much more than just a classroom decoration... Print two sets of wallet-size pictures, laminate and have your kiddos use the cards test their memory with a game of concentration. Laminate regular sized prints, punch a hole in the top left corner, and use a binder ring to create an ABC flip book. The list of possibilities goes on and on!]