Exploring the Senses Craft

Introducing the five senses can be exciting with this hands-on craft provided by Jennifer, creator of the blog, Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

Supplies You'll Need
- Sturdy construction paper or card stock
- Crayola Markers, Crayola crayons, etc.
- Magazines
- Scissors for kids
- Glue sticks
- Stickers
- Wiggly eyes
- Coffee filter
- Tempera paint in assorted colors Hearing: Have children look through magazines and cut out pictures of objects that make noise (e.g. crying baby, truck, etc.)

Sight: Have your students decorate this page with eye stickers, craft wiggly eyes, or eyes cut from magazines.

Touch: Decorate with hand prints.

Taste: Have children cut pictures of their favorite foods from magazines.

Smell: Craft a coffee filter flower, decorate with markers or diluted tempera paint, and adhere to paper. For extra sensory exploration, spray lightly with perfume.

Jennifer has many other ideas for exploring the senses so don't forget to check out her original posts!

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