Election Unit - My Teacher for President!

{Politics can be a touchy subject no matter where you go, but it's especially important to be careful what you say - and how you say it! - in a school setting. Sidestepping potentially 'hot' issues such as your personal political party affiliation and candidate selections, election season truly does offer a fabulous opportunity for discussing important concepts like patriotism, citizenship, as well as one of the many things that makes America great, the freedom to make our own choice!}

Election Social Studies Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com

We can't get over how adorable this election lesson from Mrs. Carroll over at The First Grade Parade is!! Mixing colorful children's books, several craftivities, a mock election, and a fun graphing activity, we're certain you and your preschoolers will have a total blast with it!

First, Cara and her kiddos read three fun books about elections; Duck for President by Doreen Cronin, Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio, and My Teacher for President by Kay Winters. {Are you sensing a theme?!} Then, using the characters from each story - with a special inclusion of her own name to go along with Winters' popular story - their class held a mock election. Students made colorful campaign posters and, like responsible citizens, both registered to vote and voted on 'election day' for their favorite candidate! After all votes had been cast, the final results were tallied and graphed.

Did we mention how much we love every single part of this lesson? To see the different printables Cara used, read about how their mock election unfolded, and see the adorabe writing craftivity we didn't have time to mention, be sure to visit The First Grade Parade!

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