Earth Day Litter Collage

Earth Day Recycling Collage Craft for Kids
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Earth Day is April 22nd and a great way to raise awareness as well as clean up your school yard is with this great project from Free Kids Crafts - a litter collage!

Supplies You'll Need

Armed with bags and gloves, spend a half hour beautifying your school - the classroom, the hallways, and the grounds - picking up litter, sorting stray items into recycling bins, etc. When all the litter has been collected, use it to remind students that they play a part in keeping the school clean and show them how well they're doing by gluing the found pieces of litter onto the card board {cut into the shape of the United States}.

Put this on display in your school to remind students, teachers, and administrators that they have been charged with doing their part to keep the Earth clean - wherever they live!