Earth Day Globe Necklaces!

Earth Day Necklace Craft for Kids
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Happy Earth Day!

Searching for fun Earth Day crafts for your kiddos, we stumbled across this fantastic necklace craft from Amber over at Kindergarten Rocks. The globe pendant goes well with the holiday theme and we know your little crafters will have a blast working with the unique sensory crafting materials, making it the perfect addition to your crafting plans. While it looks like an ordinary bead/pendant made from traditional molding clay or dough, Amber and her kiddos actually formed the pendant from soil and glue! What a wonderful Earth Day tribute!

While there isn't an exact recipe for creating the soil and glue mixture, Amber does provide some great tips for creating your own; commenting on the texture and malleability of the 'dough'. Once set, the globe shapes can be painted and strung onto a piece of yarn to create a festive necklace!

For the full craft tutorial, be sure to visit Kindergarten Rocks! Happy crafting!