Dynamic Dinosaur Feet - for the Reptile Wannabes!

When planning to transport your class to prehistoric times, don't forget to add these fantastic dinosaur feet crafts we found at FamilyFun to your repertoire of activities! They're likely to inspire some fantastic pretend play and even spice up your classroom dino-games! [NOTE: These also make perfect dragon or lizard feet, so you can get extra mileage out of this project!]

dinosaur feet craft
Photo Source: FamilyFun

Tissue Boxes & Dinosaurs

The first project makes use of recycled tissue boxes. Here's a list of the other supplies you'll need:

Each student will need two tissue boxes {making this a perfect spring craft because tissue boxes shouldn't be hard to accumulate during the winter season!}. Because the boxes won't be "one size fits all", the duct tape comes in handy when "sizing" the boxes to fit the student's feet. Have your kiddos use the paint and various tools to design their dinosaur feet, attach sponge "claws", and your students are ready for some romping, stomping fun! FamilyFun suggests turning on Laurie Berkner's "We Are the Dinosaurs" or finding another dinosaur song favorite to listen to as you play!

dinosaur pretend play feet craft
Photo Source: FamilyFun

Cereal Boxes & Dinosaurs

The next craft also makes use of materials in the recycling bin - empty cereal boxes! Again, each child will need two, and after sealing the open end, a large hole will need to be cut in the top of each before beginning the craft. Have your kiddos cut out two large foam dinosaur [or lizard or dragon] feet, bringing these to you or a classroom assistant to help them cut crisscrossed slits in the top that will allow them to slip their feet down into the opening of the box. After gluing these cutouts to the top of the box and adding claws, your students will be ready to play!

You might also consider having your students brainstorm and design textured feet.

  1. Have students stamp their cutouts using paint and large bubble wrap sections.
  2. Provide students with liquid watercolor paint and recycled newspaper. Invite them to paint a full sheet, cutting "scales" from it when dry, and glue them to the cutout.
  3. Have students use sponges {shaped like scales} and paint to "collage" their cutouts.
  4. Invite students to use dyed dry pasta, rice, or beans to collage their cutouts.

These projects are great for a dinosaur thematic unit or even just for fun! Be sure to check out the full posts at FamilyFun!