Drippy Crayon Artwork

Elementary Melted Crayon Art Project for Kids
Photo Source: almostunschoolers.blogspot.com

Love, love, LOVE this activity we found at Almost Unschoolers! While it certainly shouldn't be done without adult supervision, it looks like it could be a total blast!

Supplies You'll Need

Your kiddos will love experimenting with dripping, drawing, and swirling the melted wax on their paper. If you can get a large enough puddle of wax, consider providing small items that your students can explore pressing into the almost-dried wax to make prints!

After some free experimentation, you might also try some guided projects...

  • Combine black construction paper with melted yellow/white wax to create the "night sky" - perfect for a space theme!
  • Provide students with an Easter egg cutout {or another themed cutout} to decorate with lots of bright colors - works great with any theme!
  • Combine brightly colored wax with dark construction paper to create "fireworks" - a great patriotic craft for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc!
  • Have students explore what the melted wax looks like when dropped from different heights {i.e. splatter size, splatter direction, etc}.
  • Complete a color mixing activity, dropping different colors of wax on top of each other to see what happens.
  • Have your kiddos connect their wax dots {when fully dried} to create an object/picture.
  • Turn the artwork into a math exercise...
    • Example for younger students - invite your kiddos to count and circle groups of 5 dots then practice skip counting by 5s {or another focus number}.
    • Example for older students - have your students count the total number of green dots, red dots, etc., creating a frequency chart and bar graph of the results.

There are lots of fantastic pictures of this project at Almost Unschoolers so be sure to head on over there and check them out!