Dragonfly Fun!

Testing your students' ability to follow directions, as well as their fine motor skills, these flying insects will make a great addition to any summer-themed classroom!

Supplies You'll Need
- Empty paper towel or toilet paper roll
- Construction paper
- Craft gems or sequins
- Wiggle eyes
- Kids scissors
- Craft glue Since this craft is designed for preschool and kindergarten classrooms, it is best to provide traceable templates for both the antennae and tail. Create, copy, and laminate these designs before beginning the project (have one set for every group of four).

Project Directions

Provide each student with an empty roll and colorful piece of construction paper. Instruct them to wrap the construction paper around the roll and secure it with glue. Demonstrate how to cut the excess paper from the tube and make a secure seam.

Setting the roll aside, have students trace their hands onto a piece of construction paper and use scissors to cut out the shape. Provide them with sequins or craft gems and invite them to decorate their hand prints. These should be attached to the side of the roll as wings. Next, have them trace the antennae and tail onto the construction paper, cut them out, and affix them to the proper place on the empty tube.

This project is so versatile - use string to attach these crafts to the ceiling, use them to create a bulletin board, or use them as window decorations!

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