Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree Craft

Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree Craft
Photo Source: First Grade a la Carte

How stinkin' cute are these truffula trees featured by Kathy over at First Grade a la Carte?!? With March 2nd quickly approaching, these adorable little guys would make a great addition to your Dr. Seuss festivities. And they are super simple to put together!

Truffula Trees

Give each student an unsharpened yellow pencil and have them color in stripes up the entire length of the pencil with black permanent marker (don't forget paint shirts if you're entrusting little ones with this step!).

While the marker stripes dry completely, have students wrap blue or orange yarn around a small rectangular piece of cardboard. Make sure they wrap enough! After they've finished, tie the yarn off with a small piece of the same color and cut the yarn across in one spot to remove it from the cardboard.

You'll need to do this next part. Hot glue the yarn "poof" to the top of the pencil. Complete the project by having students mount their trees into a small ball of playdough. What a cute desk decoration to celebrate Dr. Seuss!!