DIY - Paint Chip Game!

Homemade Early Childhood Kids Game
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We love this idea from Alphamom! If you have any old paint chips lying around, consider creating a custom board game for your kiddos! Start by brainstorming a list of actions for each square. Include things like...

  • Turn around 3 times.
  • Hop on one foot.
  • Give clues about your favorite animal and have your classmates guess what it is.
  • Pretend to be your favorite animal.
  • Whisper a secret phrase to the player on your left. Pass it around the circle in a game of "Telephone".

[NOTE: The possibilities for your game squares are truly endless! While the items listed above are more 'fun', consider including 'educational/review' squares as well to assess your kiddos' knowledge of the concepts/topics you've been discussing at home or in the classroom. Things like - identify the sight word on the playing square, solve the math problem, list several facts about the rainforest, etc.]

Supplies You'll Need

Counting. Gross motor skills. Creativity. There are so many skills that can be fostered through a customized game for the home or classroom! Head on over to Alphamom to see how their game came together and get started on your own homemade fun!